Waisted By Randy Susan Meyers

*Thank you to Atria for letting me review this novel.

Rating: 4/5

This book is timely because the discussion on women’s weight is always a hot topic. Women shouldn’t be judged or feel as if they are unlovable because of how much they weigh. Randy Susan Meyers makes sure that people know this in her novel. It is all about self-love and nurturing your body.

Alice and Daphne are both accomplished mothers who deal with the same issue everyday: their weight. Thoughts about their weight has become such an issue that they focus on it more than their own kids, spouses and work. Just looking at or touching a scale is terrifying to these women.

Daphne has had to deal with her weight her entire life. Her family members are thin enough to be models, and she has never had that body size. But of course her mother only admires her daughters who are fit and “attractive.”

Alice, on the other hand, was skinny when she met her husband. But she has been gaining weight over the years and feels as if her marriage will crumble if she doesn’t lose the weight and get her life together.

These two women meet at a program called Privation. It’s located in Vermont in a remote mansion, and this program has promised these women they would lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Daphne, Alice and five other women have left their families for this opportunity just because they want to achieve their goal of losing a certain amount of weight that will satisfy themselves. But there is a catch to this program. They will be videotaped through this process for a documentary called Waisted.

These seven women figure out the filmmakers have cornered them into an atrocious experiment. After every pound lost, the women start to lose themselves mentally and physically. Then they finally take matters into their own hands.

This was my first Randy Susan Meyers book, and it was fantastic. I needed to read this book because many women, like myself, worry about their weight. It’s always in the back of my mind, but I loved how Meyers embraced the hot topic of weight loss in this novel. She described how women struggle with this constantly, but the goal here is to love yourself and the body God gave you.

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