Her One Mistake By Heidi Perks


*Thank you to Gallery Books for letting me review this novel.

Rating: 4/5

Charlotte was given the responsibility of watching her best friend’s child. But when she’s scrolling through Facebook during the school fair, she loses sight of Alice. When Charlotte’s children say they didn’t see Alice get off the bouncy house, Charlotte immediately starts searches every inch of the field. Alice is nowhere in sight, so Charlotte calls the police to report the incident. Everyone is overly sensitive about a child missing because a few months ago another kid disappeared, and no one knows what happened to him.

When Harriet finds out her daughter’s missing, she goes into a tailspin. Her husband, Brian, tries to calm her down but that is the last thing she wants. All she needs is for her little girl to come home safe and sound.

Throughout the novel, readers are able to have Charlotte and Harriet’s viewpoints on the whole situation. It brings a lot of clarity into the situation, especially with Harriet’s home life. She had a difficult upbringing and doesn’t have many people in her corner. Charlotte was the one person she could talk to, and now she cannot turn to her best friend.

A few odd things start to happen in the novel, especially with Harriet and Brian. You get a backstory on how they met and what drew them to each other. But it’s hard to tell if Harriet is going crazy or Brian is a master manipulator. You’ll just have to read till the end to find out (no spoilers). You also never know if the police are onto Charlotte or Harriet. It is all one twisted game, which leads to a jaw-dropping conclusion.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for an explosive mystery that will keep you up late. This is my first Heidi Perks novel, and it won’t be my last.

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