The White Christmas Inn by Colleen Wright


*Thank you to Howard Books for letting me review this novel.

Rating: 3.5/5

“Molly had picked the inn, out of all the charming establishments vying for holiday traffic on the various travel sites, because of details like this. The reviews for Evergreen Inn had been excellent, but what she had really fallen in love with were the pictures: a single magenta button rose laid beside pats of butter hand-pressed into the shape of chickens or daisies, the incredible hand-pieced velvet crazy quilts featured in every single room, the collection of antique blue glassware that sparkled like sapphire in the pictures of the airy kitchen.”

Attention to Hallmark Christmas movie fans! Colleen Wright has written the novel of your dreams.

This magical inn is located in Vermont where everyone goes to have a quiet stay for the Holidays. Everything seems to be going perfectly for the residents until a huge snowstorm blocks them in. After this, things start to get serious with the people inside.

Molly decided on this inn because she’s on a mission to finish her latest book. She becomes distracted when the charming Marcus arrives with his two daughters. This is not what she needed on her work vacation.

Hannah was planning a fabulous wedding, but everything was ruined after the snowstorm. When her childhood friend Luke suddenly shows up at the inn, she thinks maybe this was the plan all along. It’s fate.

The owners of the inn, Jeanne and Tim, are struggling not only with keeping the inn open but also in their marriage. When the snowstorm hits, they have to work together to figure out the best way to handle their guests and make their inn worthwhile. This could help rekindle the love they once shared.

This is a perfect read for the holidays! It reminded me of the movie Love Actually because each romance intertwined with one another. It is now going to be the book I read every December, so I can get in the mood for Christmas. I cannot recommend this more to anyone who needs hope when it comes to finding true love.

Side note: How precious is the cover?!

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