Plumbelly: Gary S. Maynard


*Thank you to BookSavvy for letting me review this novel.

Rating: 3/5

Gabe is not an ordinary fifteen-year-old boy because he and his family live on a sailboat. To say his family is messed up is an understatement. Gabe is abused by his father and feels like he is all alone in the world.

The only time he feels at peace is when he is on the boat sailing. He also has a powerful friendship with Lloyd, who also dreams of escaping abuse and violence. Together they rescue Plumbelly, a wooden sloop, and they realize that with this boat they can finally taste the freedom they were always craving.

Soon, they are joined by rebellious Tanya, and all three of them escape into the Pacific Ocean. Life at sea is when they start growing up in ways they couldn’t imagine. They start to embrace their sexuality. They also have to face themselves, and who they are becoming. But they also need to figure out how to survive on their own.

This story is powerful because it shows bravery, strength and courage that all three characters possess. Maynard uses descriptive language to describe what it is like to live on the sea. I felt as if I was another passenger on the boat. The only issue I had with this story is that it needed more of a plot line because you can only do so much with three teens on a boat in the middle of the ocean. But Maynard’s writing made this story worthwhile.

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